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New York City, 1922 


Millie Carpenter is in the business of mercy. Two years as a field nurse during the Great War taught her much about suffering. Still, when she returns to Manhattan, she employs her mercy in the impoverished tenements of the Lower East Side, where she serves as a Visiting Nurse to Italian immigrants. 


Millie's passion for helping people is powerful. But when Maria, a pregnant patient, is suddenly murdered at the hands of her abusive husband, Millie knows what she must do to stop him.


Maria's daughter, Angeline, has been stashed away in an orphanage by her mother's cunning brother, Marco. Millie feels responsible for Angeline and begs to know where she is. Marco agrees to tell her where his niece is under the condition that Millie performs a sinister favor for him. Except one favor turns into two. Then things come to a screeching halt when Marco insists that Millie must kill someone she knows to find Angeline's location.

Millie's once humdrum life transforms into days filled with poison, murder, speakeasies, and dangerous gangsters she begins to call friends. Now, more than ever, she must challenge her idea of right and wrong while trying to save those around her. With an expansive knowledge of pharmaceuticals, Millie finagles the delicate line between tonic and toxin.

Book Cover; Stable; Author Kate Gemma; Thriller; Novel;

They say those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Then, there are some who learn and are doomed anyway.Maura Bennet has lived her entire life in the shadows of the unspeakable horrors she and her closest friends- Sawyer, Charlie, and Greg- endured when they were just thirteen years old. Growing up in Settlers Hill, a small, safe town tucked between two mountains, they never could have imagined that they would be abducted and held captive for three days in a lightless, abandoned barn stable by a sadistic madman.


As an adult, Maura still allows herself some days to deny this reality completely. Eighteen years later, Maura, Sawyer, and Greg reunite in their hometown for Charlie’s funeral. Maura intends to stay for the funeral and return to her new city life as soon as humanly possible. But travel plans come to a halt when Greg and Sawyer go missing and all signs lead back to the stable. Are they alive? Is she next? She doesn’t know the answers and she refuses to sit around and wait to find out. The man who took them as children is rotting in prison, so who is taunting her? Everything Maura thought she knew about her past comes into question. She must find her friends before it’s too late, even if that means facing her demons head-on.

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