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Tenement Nurse a top 10 selling amazon e-book
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1922, New York City, Millie Carpenter, a compassionate field nurse, navigates the gritty tenements of the Lower East Side, aiding Italian immigrants. When a patient is murdered, Millie confronts the dark underbelly of the city, driven to protect the victim's daughter, Angeline, hidden in an orphanage by her cunning uncle. Caught in a web of favors and violence, Millie must tread carefully, risking everything to save Angeline and reconcile her newfound alliances with her sense of morality. As her world transforms into a dangerous landscape of deceit and danger, Millie's expertise in pharmaceuticals becomes her greatest weapon in the fight for justice.

Maura Bennet, haunted by the trauma of her abduction as a child, reunites with her childhood friends Sawyer and Greg in their hometown for Charlie's funeral. When Greg and Sawyer vanish, Maura's past comes rushing back, leading her to confront the possibility of a new threat emerging from the shadows. As she delves into the mystery, Maura must navigate the complexities of her past and confront her deepest fears to find her missing friends before it's too late. With her world turned upside down, she embarks on a desperate search, determined to uncover the truth and face the demons that have haunted her for years.

Stable and exciting thriller
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“I'll read more from this author. This book had some mystery, some grit, some tension, some violence and some romance. Really enjoyed it."


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